In recent years, women are continuously encroaching on male dominated industries – such as being an electrician. Not only are female electricians growing in numbers -— they are proving to be better on the tools too!

The Challenger

Female electricians more often score higher for communication, punctuality and professionalism than the general population of trades. In a previous article from, Sally Liddell shared what’s it like to be a female tradie. Ms Liddell said the stigma around female electricians was wearing off and the attitude in the industry is definitely getting a lot better. “A lot of women might be intimidated at the prospect of working in an all-male environment, but I’d still definitely recommend it.” Definitely! Having a change in mindset and being positive is key to achieving this goal. As more and more women become open minded in trying out the trade industry, it’s just a matter of time when no one will be surprised when a female electrician knocks on your door to fix those complicated electrical wiring.

The Spark

Aside from their trained skills, women are more often considered to be creative and resourceful. No wonder, female tradies are now leveraging their social media accounts in attracting potential clients; adding that spark and exposure to the business. Definitely, a female sparky will generally do social media very well. 

The opportunity

Regardless of gender, customers need not worry. Commercial electricians are professionally-trained via a technical or trade school or a professional organization, and many states have strict requirements to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.  There are 2 most important factors to be a full-pledge commercial electrician – 1) completion of a 4-year apprenticeship and 2) enrolling at a trade school and completing the required courses and assessments. To become a commercial electrician you will need to complete a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician and also pass the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (LEA). To rank well for “electrician sydney” can take years of work, but the benefits at the end of it all can be well worth the time and commitment. Commercial electricians are always in high demand and the pay can be quite good. Becoming a commercial electrician is a good way to establish a great lifestyle for yourself and future family.