What is a poor pop star to do, with all that downtime? Poor is possibly an ill-suited word to use when describing these youthful wunderkinds. It is their material wealth that, often, get them into trouble in the first place. Too much money and too much time on their hands, they are similarly positioned to sports stars and other modern celebrities in this regard. Their intense activities in the public eye are overcompensated a million-fold and, then, they are left to their own devices for far too long and in the company of other rich kids and wastrels.

When the Star Pops: Celebrity Vices Bring It All Crashing Down

When the band are not playing or rehearsing, when business is in the hands of managers and record companies, what is a poor pop star to do? They are involved in the recreational business of fulfilling their duties as a bonafide celebrity. This means parties, lots of parties, and being seen in cool places like restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the company of other celebs and famous folk. Having to say yes to, yet, another, excess is all part of the performance.

Drugs are usually the preeminent choice for pop stars, as they explore alternate realities to stimulate their creative lives. Creativity is their pathway and this means getting high and out of it. Booze and drugs are staple items on their menus. You could say that these things are the meat and potatoes for your everyday pop star. Peaking on performances and strutting their stuff through the purple haze. Lucy in the sky with diamonds and dancing in heaven. Eventually, of course, everyone has to come down. The hangover must follow the intoxication, like gravity pulls that sweet juicy apple to the earth.

Next, the thrill of winning, and gambling can rear its Janus like head. At once smiling and grimacing like the rictus faced defecator in the smallest room in the house. The now, reformed, 12 step program graduate pop star has given up the pills and alcohol and looks around for a new kind of thrill. The smooth operators at the track in their bespoke suits encourage a flutter and organise an early win or two for our celebrity punter. They want them to get it on the action available, big time, before removing the bumper lanes. When the star pops: celebrity vices bring it all crashing down for these overpaid innocents of our age.