What does a celebrity bring when checking into a hotel? Glamour, buzz, and sometimes, a whole lot of chaos.

Sure, hosting a famous guest can translate into great PR for a hotel, but “it can also be a mixed bag,” admits Mark Plonkey, the general manager of Denver’s Hotel Teatro. “The one thing I’ve learned throughout the years is that public persona is not always the reality behind closed doors.”

With their whirlwind lifestyles, many celebrities spend a lot of time in hotel rooms—and sometimes, hotels end up turning their famous guests away, even banning them, for bad behavior. Believe it or not, grown adults can still behave just like children.

It’s widely known that most celebrities, even if they are said to be nicer than most, feel that they are above the regular set of rules that the rest of us normals have to follow by or pay the consequences for.

Below are list of celebrities who have famously destroyed hotel rooms

  1. Lindsay Lohan Overstayed Her Welcome And Annoyed Hotel Staff
  2. Courtney Love Left Behind Used Feminine Products, Used Needles, And Floods
  3. Johnny Depp And Kate Moss Make $10,000 Worth Of Damage And Johnny Throws An Armadillo Under The Bus
  4. Scott Disick Leaves Behind A Trail Of Disrespect And Cigarettes Plus Has A Thief In His Party!
  5. Britney’s Kids Threw A Toddler Style Rager, Causing $20K In Damages!
  6. Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham Was A Motorcycle Lobby Riding Renegade
  7. An Outside Cleaning Crew Was Hired After Amy Winehouse Left A BioHazard Mess Behind
  8. Charlie Sheen Breaks More Than Just Hearts In Hotel Rooms
  9. Keith Richards Made Rock Star Hotel Room Trashing History In 1972
  10. Marilyn Manson Set A Celebratory Fire To His Hotel Room Carpet
  11. Amanda Bynes Left Behind A Sloppy, Grimy Mess
  12. Nirvana Trashes Two Hotel Rooms In Minnesota In Front Of A Reporter To The Tune Of $19,000
  13. Billy Idol Partied So Hard During A Three-Week Bender, He Had To Leave On A Stretcher
  14. Keith Moon Drove A Car Into The Hotel Pool On His 21st Birthday
  15. Florence Rages Like A Machine And Wakes Up To Massive Hotel Room Damage

Properties are generally responsible for fixing any normal wear and tear. However for damages done by guests, an outside service usually needs to be called in. This is why celebrities are charged an enormous amount of money to get outside personnel repair the damages.